Drywall Finisher

Drywall Finishers ensure the creation of flawless walls.

Drywall Finishers Ensure the Creation of Flawless Walls

As a drywall finisher (also known as a taper) you will be responsible for preparing unfinished interior gypsum drywall panels by expertly taping and finishing joints and concealing flaws, Drywall finishers ensure that surfaces are primed and ready for painting.


Drywall Finishing Apprenticeship

An IUPAT Drywall Finishing Apprenticeship will teach you how to master drywall finishing tools, materials, and techniques. Expertly work with joints, angles, and surfaces. You’ll learn the regulations of your craft and become a seasoned professional who will deliver flawless results.

Hybrid Learning Approach

Hybrid Learning Apprenticeship: Classroom and on-the-job learning.  Minimum 144 hours of classroom and mandated on-the-job hours per year.

Classroom Learning

Curriculum: Union introduction, finishing trades, health & safety, leadership, and professional development. Minimum 144 hours of classroom instruction.

On-the-Job Learning

Apprentice Curriculum: Union introduction, finishing trades, safety, leadership/professional development.

Assessment: hands-on/written tests, job performance.

Web-based Learning

Access all training material instantly through the secure web-based Learning Management System (LMS). Administer, document, track, and report on training programs, events, e-learning, and content.


While a typical apprenticeship lasts up to four years, enough experience in your craft can make this process much shorter.

Pay and Benefits

Pay and Benefits

Great Pay

Advance your career with training and immediate pay/benefits. Earn While You Learn. Start building your desired life without school debt.

The average pay for an IUPAT drywall finisher is 12 percent above the national average.

Great Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Pension
  • Training & Skill Development
  • Retirement Saving Opportunities

Training for a Lifetime

IUPAT members have access to continuous training to stay current in their craft. Stay ahead of the curve, advance throughout your career, and remain in high demand.



I make more money than my friends who went to college. Getting into the trades was the best thing I ever did.
Jose Lopez, DC 36/LU 1136
As a woman, it’s nice to have this kind of job. You make great money, the hours are great, and I find that I’m a role model for other women, because honestly, if they see that I can do it, then they think they can do it too.
Jada Marsh, DC 46/LU 1590
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