iFTI Soft Skills Matter Seminar

Soft Skills help you achieve success in your work and career.

Soft Skills are the key! You deal with people every day, starting with yourself. There are all kinds of people both inside and outside your organization. When you are dealing with people who are your employers, neighbors, or colleagues, you need to build a good and lasting relationship.

This seminar will help you understand what soft skills are, learn more about you, and conclude with your next steps to help you achieve success in your work and career.  And the bonus is what this all means to your personal happiness!

Topics we will cover include:

  • Soft Skills/Hard Skills – Why we need to practice both every day
  • It starts with understanding yourself – your personality is what people see
  • Emotional Intelligence – what it means and why it is so valuable
  • Communication – the Ultimate Core Competency everyone needs to improve
  • Differences – understanding them and embracing them as an opportunity
  • Influence and Authority – why is this so important
  • Managing, Leading, following – what you need to know to succeed
  • Mentorship – a critical responsibility we all must make part of our day-to-day

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