The I-U-P-A-T in O-H-I-O Receives C-O-E Accreditation


Congratulations to District Council 6/FTI Ohio Region on receiving COE accreditation in June 2022. DC 6 becomes the sixth iFTI District Council (and the 20th building trades registered apprenticeship) to become accredited by the Council on Occupational Accreditation (COE).

One of the primary missions of the COE is to offer public assurance that accredited institutions provide quality instruction in career and technical education. This COE assurance is only granted to institutions, like the iFTI, that meet rigorous educational and operational standards. 

Director of Training George Boots led FTIOR staff through a process of learning and analysis of each of its four crafts that were candidates for accreditation: Painter, Drywall Finisher, Glazier and Industrial Painter. 

“There was no template or boiler-plate we could use,” Boots said in an interview with Matt Jaworski, Labor Citizen Writer. “We all had to think. It led to everyone having a better understanding of what we needed to achieve.”

Boots believes the hard work to achieve COE accreditation is well worth it and that they are in a better position now to ensure the training and education provided in the DC 6 training center is top tier and setting their members up for success in the field and as they build their futures.

Director of Training Boots is very excited that this accreditation will also allow them to explore opportunities for grants to address topics such as diversity and outreach through the Department of Labor and Department of Education.

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