A New Look for Recruitment


The iFTI is constantly creating and updating new curriculum and training resources to generate more work opportunities for IUPAT members. On another iFTI front, a new set of tools is currently in development with the goal to recruit more members into the IUPAT using a technology that is constantly advancing leaps and bounds, and being used by the young men and women we want to welcome into our union – virtual reality.

The iFTI is working leading partners in VR technology on programs that showcase our core trades utilizing nothing more than a pair of Oculus goggles. Designed to be showcased at job fairs and trade shows, the portable Oculus goggles offer a first-person view of our jobsites and a feel for utilizing the tools IUPAT members use every day in our trades.

Currently, drywall finishing and glazing modules are in the final phase of development and will soon be made available to district councils for use across North America. More craft modules (e.g. Industrial Painting) are due to be completed by the end of 2022.

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