Support a Skilled Trades Mobility Tax Deduction


Tell the Federal Government to follow through on their campaign commitment and implement a skilled trades labour mobility tax deduction for out-of-pocket expenses when travelling for work.

As of the 2021 election, all three major federal parties have said they support tax fairness and a tax deduction to help Canada’s skilled trades workers. So let’s not waste time.

With the 44th Parliament now in session, click here to write to your Member of Parliament asking them to support the implementation of legislation to make this change now.

Skilled trades workers have always had to travel for work – that’s why we’re called journeypeople. But sometimes the costs associated with having to travel for work make it impossible to go.

Unlike many careers, jobs in the construction industry are cyclical meaning projects are built in different locations at different times, requiring skilled trades workers to travel away from home. When traveling, the costs of gas, accommodation and food – while supporting your family back home – can prove too expensive to go to work. Costs associated with traveling to where the work is, when not covered by an employer, should be tax deductible, and right now, they’re not. Read our brief here.

To put more Canadians to work, the time is now for the Government of Canada to stand up for our skilled trades workers and follow through on its election commitment. It’s time to implement a skilled trades workforce mobility tax deduction.

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