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Following his meeting yesterday in the Oval Office with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) General President Kenneth E. Rigmaiden issued the following statement:

“Today I met with President Biden and Vice President Harris in the Oval Office. It was a very productive meeting and we are appreciative that the President and Vice President chose to spend time hearing the priorities of the labor movement. We spoke to the President on a variety of topics important to working people, including COVID relief, vaccine distribution, infrastructure investment, and labor law reform.

“Both President Biden and Vice President Harris agreed that the United States is in dire need of immediate COVID relief and infrastructure investment, and the best way to achieve both is through the labor movement.

“I offered President Biden our assistance with COVID relief and vaccine distribution – the IUPAT has training centers all across the country that stand ready to help the CDC administer the vaccine. We are eager to work hand in hand with our communities in mutual aid to provide relief from the pandemic.

“I emphasized the importance of the PRO Act, not only to the members of my union, but to the millions of workers across the country who would join a union right now if they were given the opportunity. This legislation would provide long term relief by finally balancing the scales between workers and employers. It would restore basic labor rights to millions of workers who are misclassified and would strengthen the fundamental civil and labor rights of all working people.

“There is no better relief to the American worker than collective bargaining.

“The challenges facing working people are numerous. We are confident that this Administration takes the priorities of the working class seriously and we look forward to doing our part to ensure that we get back on track on the path to prosperity.”


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